Eugene Rental and Vacation Home Cleaning

Our Eugene cleaning services are perfect for rental and vacation homes. When renting a vacation home or other rental it is important to the renter that the home is clean and tidy. You will receive higher ratings and more positive reviews when your renters are satisfied with the cleanliness of the space.

One of the number one complaints renters have when renting a vacation home is a lack of cleanliness. Renter satisfaction greatly depends upon the hygiene of the rental, the more satisfied they are the more likely they are to write a positive review and give a higher rating. The higher your rating and the greater number of positive reviews you receive has the ability to increase the number of renters wishing to inhabit your vacation property or home rental. Most renters will read the reviews a rental or vacation home receives in order to determine if they are interested in the particular rental.

Top 5 Reasons to Professionally Clean Your Vacation Home

5. “Other Renters” might visit while you are away.

Before you get spooked, realize we are talking about common household pests. Nothing ruins that first night back at the vacation home like finding “evidence” that four-footed friends have been picking through your crumbs. Easy solution? Call Simply Clean to get rid of the crumbs!

4. Get back home on time!

Vacations are fun, but they can also be exhausting. At the end of an exciting, busy week of seeing the sights and catching up with old friends, the last thing you want to do is scrub grout. Thankfully, that’s one of many ways that Simply Clean can take the burden off your hands and let you enjoy your vacation to its fullest.

3. Prepare for a smooth reentry.

The next time you arrive at your vacation home or rental, you want it to feel like the first time. Nothing gives you that pampered feeling like walking through the threshold and seeing everything placed exactly where it should be, neat as a glossy magazine sheet. That’s what we do at Simply Clean.

2. Spend a little now to save a lot later.

Did you know that deferred cleaning can lead to deferred maintenance, and that deferred maintenance can lead to costly damage? Don’t let your precious vacation property fall into disrepair by failing to hire professional cleaners! Call Simply Clean!

1. It just makes sense… or is that ‘cents’?

Great reviews will bring in a larger number of people seeking to rent your property. As a result your profits will increase as your property is more frequently rented. We will gladly take on the task of keeping your properties well-tended and in order as frequently as you require. Your success is our success.

Cleaning Services in Eugene

Our employees at Simply Clean of Eugene are also trained in commercial cleaning. After a home is newly constructed our staff will happily come in and clean the home. As part of our Eugene cleaning services we will gladly clean up the dust and debris that inevitably comes with construction. We will ensure that every fixture, floor and surface shines. This service extends to in home remodels as well. After your home is remodeled we will happily make it clean again so that you can properly enjoy the new features of your home. Restaurant remodels are another type of commercial cleaning service we offer.

For restaurant owners that have just gone through a remodel we will come in after and make sure your property is clean and sanitary for your customers. We understand that a restaurant requires a high level of cleanliness, most especially in the kitchens. Our professionally trained staff will ensure that we meet the levels of cleanliness required for dining and food service.

At Simply Clean of Eugene our primary concern is your satisfaction. Our staff of highly trained cleaning professionals will work diligently to ensure that your cleaning needs are fully met. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and efficient and productive cleaning regimens. Our Eugene cleaning services are of the highest caliber.

Each and every employee at Simply Clean of Eugene will work without fail to ensure cleaning needs are more than met. Whether you require weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning services we will strive to meet your specific needs. Call or email us today and our work for you can begin.