Eugene Home Cleaning

At Simply Clean of Eugene our mission is to provide you with a clean and organized home. Our goal is to ensure that you are able to fully relax and be at peace in your home and not be distracted with the need to clean. Our efficient cleaning staff will work tirelessly to ensure that your home is neat and tidy by the time we leave it. The staff at Simply Clean of Eugene pay close attention to detail as we care for your home in order to ensure that your cleaning needs are fully met by our Eugene cleaning services. The cleaning services we provide can be customized to fit your specific requirements. We will gladly listen to your particular cleaning needs and create a schedule and plan that fits into your life and budget. We are happy to care for your home as often as you require.

Eugene Home Cleaning Service

For our clients that require in home cleaning we will work with you to find a time for us to come into your home and begin working on the areas that require cleaning. Before we come to your home we will first establish your specific cleaning requirements and needs. 

Whether it’s a cleaning from top to bottom, a simple tidying or focusing on specific rooms we can ensure that you will be satisfied with our Eugene cleaning services. We are more than able to focus particular chores and tasks we simply need to know what it is that you desire. 

Our services  can simply be a one-time experience for you or we can create a particular cleaning schedule. We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning schedules or at any other frequency you request. Our staff will arrive on time and with the proper tools and supplies. We appreciate any feedback that you can provide us as week seek to meet your particular needs.

Our Eugene cleaning services are not just limited to personal homes. We also offer our services at offices and apartment buildings. Offices require regular maintenance in order to provide a clean environment in order that employees are better able to focus on their work and productivity. A lack of cleanliness in a work environment can be a huge distraction and prevent your employees from properly attending to their job requirements. Our qualified staff will ensure that your offices are spic and span as often as you require. 

Cleaning apartments is another Eugene cleaning service that we offer. Apartment complexes often  require an in detail cleanup before a tenant is scheduled to move into a unit and after a tenant leaves a unit. We will gladly provide our cleaning services to apartment complexes both before and after a tenant moves in. In addition we are happy to offer our services to tenants that are moving out. A proper cleaning before your lease is up will allow you to keep more of your security deposit as the apartment manager will not require a cleaning service to prepare the unit for the next tenant. The money that would have covered that cleaning service will no longer have to be taken out of your deposit.